Announcing The Live LO Mastermind Event

The “Get More Loans” Mastermind Event

ATTN: Loan Officers
3 Days Show You How To Close More Purchase Loans (All From Referrals) Without Working Nights and Weekends


What You'll Learn

  • Identifying who are your best referral partners and the secret place to find them.
  • How to get in front of the “right” agents
  • Exact scripts to use to get referrals from agents
  • How to get even more loans from people you already know (past clients and circle of influence)
  • How to be “cool” when talking with people so that you get even more loans without being seen as “salesy”.
  • How to get agents to drive to meet you AND start referring their purchase business to you.
  • The sneaky secret weapon you need to use to call all of your referral partners every week to get even more referrals, even while you are out fishing or home with your family.
  • What does the “perfect team” look like for a 10 loans per month and a 20 loans per month
  • Simple, free, ninja tools and resources that top producers are using that will keep you out of “office prison” and on the “road to freedom” where you belong.
  • How to double your business while working a lot less hours leaving you more time for your friends, family, and yourself!

You don‘t want to miss it…

Cost: $397

Event Times: Fri/Sat 8:30-5:30pm
Sun 8:30-1pm

Be our guests
Friday & Saturday for Lunch

Denver Dates: SOLD OUT
August 3-5, 2018

Event Location:
Hilton Denver City Center
1701 California Street
Denver, CO 80202

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What others are saying:

Attending the mortgage marketing animals event has transformed my business to a level I never thought possible. I went from averaging 5 purchase contracts a month to averaging 17 contracts a month, and the best part while working less hours and traveling with my family. I highly recommend it to every loan officer. Eddie Fooshang
(increased closings by 276% while working less hours) Three years ago I didn't have a plan to grow my business! Since I joined this group it has changed my life forever. It has shown me a new way to run my mortgage business and I now have almost tripled my production. I have a plan and systems in place now that allow me to continue to grow all while working less than 40 hours a week. I want to thank Carl and all the coaches for what they have taught me. I will forever be grateful!!  Heath Goodrich
I had no idea how much my career would change for the better after walking into the First Day of the 3-day Event with Mortgage Marketing Animals. I was even more clueless how much my life would change.  Thank you to these wonderful people who inspire and change lives. John Hicks, Jr
(closed 39 loans this past month) I have a whole new definition for what a ‘world class event’ really is… The difference between the Animals event and every other I have ever experienced is summarized in two words: Life changing. The strategies I learned and the relationships I formed have played a huge role in the massive increase in my business and the quality of my life. Don’t miss this! Richard Smith